Cryptologist: The All-In-One Crypto Information Source

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TLDR: Cryptologist website is an information source for all crypto-related matters, aiming to become the primary knowledge base in the crypto market. It offers several useful tools and features to its users to free them up from going through the puzzling process of data collection and checking the validity and authenticity of the information. It’s designed to help users focus on making confident investment decisions. Keep reading to delve deeper into and all it offers.

What Is Cryptologist In A Nutshell? is a website specialised in providing all the information crypto investors need to make sound financial decisions, but it won't give you trade signals. Cryptologist serves a wide range of crypto investors and traders, from beginners to professionals, by offering unique solutions and features to each group, such as visual reports, simplified technical reviews, financial analyses, a screener, a watchlist, and many more.

What Problems Does Cryptologist Solve?

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you might have faced problems as a crypto investor. There are thousands of crypto projects out there and tons of information about each one. It takes hundreds of hours to extract useful information from tons of irrelevant, categorise them, and check their authenticity. Even if you achieve reliable information at the end of this overwhelming process, you might be too tired to make a sound decision or may even lose profitable opportunities because of struggling with this energy-consuming process. This is where sweeps in! Its high-tech system collects information from reliable sources about the top 1500 crypto projects in the market. Based on those data, it creates comprehensive technical and financial reviews about the projects, provides a collection of the most important news of the market, and builds some features to help users save time and mental energy. Simply put, Cryptologist does all the hard work and lets you just focus on making a profitable financial decision.

Cryptologist Features

To survive in such a volatile market like cryptocurrency, crypto investors and traders need access to features that push them one step ahead of p umps and dumps . The data is collected from CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Blockchain Explorers, GitHub, Twitter, Reddit, and the projects’ websites. Therefore, you can save countless hours collecting data from multiple sources, discover and compare projects at a glance, make quicker decisions with confidence, and investigate teams, investors, and whitepapers. Let's see what the main features of the Cryptologist are.

Cryptologist Visual Reports on The Top 1500 Crypto Projects

One of the specific features of is the unique visual reports it provides for each of the top 1500 crypto projects. These reports contain the most critical financial information on coins. In the first section of the report, there is a summary of the projects, the links to the projects’ websites and social media, and a unique radar chart demonstrating the overall financial situation of the coin. The following image is an example of the Avalanche reports on Cryptologist.

Cryptologist Coins Summary

By scrolling down, you can see a brief review of the coin’s Return On Investment (ROI) and a comparison with other crypto projects’ ROI.

Cryptologist ROI Report

After that, Cryptologist provides information about the coins’ team members and links to their personal accounts on social media to let you know who owns and develops each project. Moreover, you can see an analysis of the coins’ Github account to realise how actively the development teams are working on their projects.

Cryptologist Team Members Report

Here is where you get some interesting graphs! Social media analysis, price trend, and market cap trend of the projects. provides easy-to-use and well-designed graphs showing how the coins performed in terms of popularity, price, and market cap over customisable time frames.

Cryptologist Popularity Chart

Cryptologist Price and Market Cap Charts

Cryptologist News and Blog

On the News Page, covers all the information you need to know as a crypto investor or trader. Whether you need some education and information about a specific coin, some general educational material about the blockchain technology and crypto market, or want to know about the latest news about your favourite projects or the crypto market, you’ll find it in the News Section.

Cryptologist Screener

The Cryptologist Screener is a handy tool that provides an overview of the top 1500 coins, saves countless hours for trawling through CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, and removes emotion from your decisions. The tool allows you to filter out the projects based on the metrics provided in the radar chart mentioned earlier, i.e., Liquidity, Performance, Popularity, ATH Delta, and Overdue ATH.

Cryptologist Screener Watchlist

The Cryptologist Watchlist enables you to keep an eye on your favourite coins. You can add whatever coin you want from the top 1500 coins of the market to your own list, monitor their changes, and stay updated about their performance. You can always edit your Watchlist and sort them based on Market Cap, Performance, and Overdue ATH.

Cryptologist Watchlist

Cryptologist Upcoming Features is under continuous development to offer users more features based on the users' needs and requests. The team is currently developing models based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for price prediction and Natural Language Processing (NLP). They are using state-of-the-art deep learning models for time series analysis and training them on years of historical data, from bearish to bullish markets, to reach the maximum possible accuracy. This way, users can easily access the most advanced prediction models to help them decide. Moreover, the Cryptologist NLP team is trying to enhance the current deep learning-based NLP models to analyse social media, such as Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and Discord, as well as other news sources on the Internet like top news agencies. Soon, the team will launch the first phase of this feature for doing sentiment analysis on Twitter to empower users in optimising their financial decisions.

Final Remarks

It is fair to consider as an all-in-one information source for crypto investors. It is working towards a platform that makes investors independent of any other information source, becoming the first and most reliable source of the crypto market. Despite the bearish market that killed so many crypto-related businesses, Cryptologist not only survived but has constantly been expanding and adding unique features. If you are looking for a place to access reliable information easily, give a shot!